Direct Mail Marketing

The Internet is a powerful tool. When used wisely, it can spur growth for companies in leaps and bounds. Emailing has revolutionized the way people communicate and has forever changed the pace at which we exchange information or reach out to others.

Companies that know how to harness the opportunities presented by high-speed Internet connections and email can be successful in their product launches and customer programs. Through direct mail marketing, they get in touch with the right market segment that can push their sales. And as the world gets hooked on global commerce, companies are finding growth avenues in offshore markets. And advertising to these new potential customers is done quickly and cheaply through emails. It is no wonder that today, courses on direct mail marketing are being offered by academic institutions.

Direct Mail Marketing Course

Commerce is constantly evolving. Those who want to be successful need keep track of these trends. If your company is not yet utilizing the power of direct mail marketing, then maybe it is about time you send your staff to a direct mail marketing course.

The course will equip your staff on how to write copy that work in this kind of marketing scheme. They will learn which phrases or styles of writing work and which do not. The principles of advertising and marketing will be tackled at length. From crafting effective messages, they will also learn how to lay out interesting communication tools: flyers, brochures, etc., to hook readers. When people automatically throw out ads in the mail, you need to devise ways to catch their interest long enough for them to read what you have to say.

The success of a direct mail marketing campaign rests on logistics as well. You have to make sure your intended clients receive your mail. Your staff will need to learn about the practical and cost-effective means of mailing your materials.

Experiential Marketing Trends Expected To Dominate In The Coming Days

The primary purpose that experiential marketing serves is to connect the brands with their customers by creating relevant personal memories through live experiences. What was considered to be an afterthought in traditional type marketing has now become a key component in a growing number of advertising campaigns and is predicted that this number will continue to push up in the coming days. Here are some of the trends those are expected to dominate the world of event marketing in the coming days.

As modern event marketing technology primarily focuses on meaningfully impressing the customers for real conversions that a brand can count upon – quality is now preferred upon quantity and this focus upon quantity is certainly one of the major drawbacks of traditional type marketing techniques and methodologies. There is absolutely no doubt that traditional marketing tools can potentially reach a very large number of customers, but that hardly happens in reality and the number of potential customers actually reached could never be exactly counted. In contrast experiential marketing provides the marketers a realistic impression count that is based upon direct engagements and gives them a chance of increasing those numbers by improving the quality of the engagements. No doubt, expectations regarding the realm of this type of marketing are going up and that is certainly a challenge that experiential marketers are going to face in the coming years.

There is a major change in the behavior of the new generation of customers and as they are expected to spend more than 100 billion dollars this year they are certainly the main target for most brands. But at the same time they are also pretty choosy as customers and are certainly a lot more impulsive than the previous generations. It has now become extremely important for modern event marketing strategies to consider the fact that these Gen Y customers are also more inclined to become a part of a brand if they are provided with a chance of direct interaction and naturally more emphasis should be put upon experience as a necessary and primary marketing tactic for the companies. This year experts are also expecting to see increased collaboration between experiential marketing and public relation companies as creating a better awareness and growing popularity of social media platforms is also heavily contributing to this technological evolution.

If we consider our personal experiences and also the way the industry is currently moving on, experiential marketing is expected to be the new form of market research in the coming days. As marketers and brand ambassadors will be directly interacting with the consumers – quickly gathering live information from those engagements will be much easier for the companies that will play a vital role in better understanding consumer behavior in the long run. Leveraging marketers and brand ambassadors to data collection through experiential marketing campaigns is no doubt a valuable addition to modern brand and product promotion technology and in comparison to traditional research methods it is also incredibly more affordable. As a matter of fact this type of event marketing technology offers numerous new and different opportunities to real time market research and this is certainly expected to grow to higher levels in the coming days

Direct Sales Marketing – Using Articles to Promote your Direct Sales Business

As a fan of direct sales marketing for 20 years, I’m always
looking for new ways to promote my business. After several
months of studying the art of marketing businesses by using
informative articles I’ve been really impressed with the
tremendous information that’s out there. By writing a
content rich, helpful and informative article you can set
yourself apart as an expert in your field and generate
traffic to you and your business.

Most of my study has been in the field of Internet
marketing, but as the wheels of my mind have been turning
and with the experience I’ve had with Direct Sales, I want
to encourage you, Direct Selling Mom, to explore this as a
way to expand your business… and provide a new outlet of
fun for yourself too!

Why in the world do you want to spend time writing
articles? If you’re like me, you’re business life is
already too consuming and you need to spend less time on
your direct sales business, not more!

First, it’s FUN! Here’s your chance to let your creative
juices flow! You know how much you love your products.
And at your parties, you love talking about them to the
party guests. But now, you have a chance to take it
another level. Do you sell scrapbooking products? Share
your heart about the importance of creating a legacy of
memories for your progeny. Passionate about candles?
Write an article about the warmth of hospitality in your
home that can be created by simply adding some beautiful
candles to your decor. Think beyond the specific products
in your line and create from your heart! You’ll see… it’
will stretch your mind and you’ll love every minute of it!

Second, it’s profitable. As you send out valuable content
either online to article directories or offline to your
local publications, you’re establishing yourself as an
expert in your direct sales field. Because each article
has a resource box, an author section with your information
- name, email, website, email and/or phone, the people who
read your article, will know who to contact… YOU!

Third, it sets you apart. Direct Sales is a competitive
business and most likely if you’re in company that’s more
than a year or two old, you’re not the only representative
around. By writing articles and establishing credibility,
you’re setting yourself apart from other consultants in
your own company and in competing ones as well.

How to start? Here are some quick suggestions:

1. Read some other articles online that fit in with the
theme of your particular direct sales product line.

2. Pick your favorite product from your direct sales
catalog. Take a long look at it and think about WHY this
is your favorite. What can it “do” for your
customers… what’s it’s value.

3. Write down your thoughts about the product in list
form. Look through the list and find some “key
words” that really stand out.

4. Using those key words, start to build a story about the
experience of the product…. not the specific product
itself. This is where you really begin to write an article
rather than a sales pitch.

5. Now just keep writing…tweak, change, set it aside for
a day and come back to it. Don’t be discouraged if it
doesn’t come to you right away, especially if you’re not a
writer by nature.

6. Take a risk and have a good friend read and critique your thoughts. Be open to
her ideas and rewrite again.

When you think you and your article are ready, it’s time to
submit it to your local paper or to online article
directories. Just do an Internet search for “article
directories” as a good starting point.

So much information is available online for maximizing this
avenue of marketing. Take advantage of it … and watch your
direct sales business grow!