Basic Mobile Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Marketing your company isn’t easy, especially if you are a boot strap business. First, you have to come up with a budget that is affordable and gives you a competitive advantage at the same. Then you have to develop creative content and even visual aids (sometimes). Next, you have to consider and bet on marketing avenues that will work.

One marketing avenue that always produces results is mobile marketing. If you’re not familiar with mobile marketing it is basically the use of a series of tools that reach customers directly on their mobile device. You can use the tools in the way of email, text messages or social media updates that reach consumers and potential customers directly on their cell phones. The best option that is becoming affordable to small business owners is push notifications through their own app.

According to a mobile marketing insider a business client can expect to pay as little as $100 to several thousand to start using mobile marketing tools. Now a business can have a custom mobile app designed for less then $300 and a monthly service fee of $49 per month. By managing your own custom mobile app, you are able to send unlimited push notifications without extra fees.

Businesses have the possibility to simply send a message, or they can send a link that is attached to the push notifications. Also, which is the best option to push notifications, is the ability to send an image with a customized message on it. This will surely grab your audiences attention.

Mobile marketing can be confusing. One way it is ineffective is when customers place all of their efforts in one basket. Betting on one horse in the game doesn’t blanket coverage or ensure success. If you decide to start using mobile marketing, make sure you divide up your efforts. You want to have an equal reach for email marketing to a cell phone, push notifications to a cell phone, and also incorporate social media ads and updates.

A great benefit for mobile marketing is the eco-friendly attitude your company will be promoting. Essentially, eliminating the need for direct mail pieces or print ads not only saves money but it saves the environment and gives you “gone green” status to brag about and to also help amplify your brand.

Mobile marketing is a win-win for everyone involved and shouldn’t be discounted by business owners out of pure ignorance. Understand the real costs to owning an app for your business.