Top 5 Tips for Successful Postcard Marketing

Much has been said in recent years about online marketing and how it’s making all other forms of marketing obsolete but in fact direct mail marketing and advertising is as effective as ever. One of the easiest forms of direct mail for most businesses is postcard marketing. Businesses have built fortunes using direct mail, with postcards as their main vehicle for customer acquisition.

Those little rectangular postal ninjas you send out can be some of the most effect marketing soldiers in your advertising army but here’s some tips that’ll help you make them more effective.

Tip #1

Always send your postcards First Class. You wouldn’t send your kids to school dressed sloppily would you? Well…First Class always makes a better impression too. And be sure your postcard arrives on a Tuesday or Wednesday….but never on a Monday.

Tip #2

Have them printed at your local office supply superstore like Office Depot or Staples. They usually do good work and have a good guarantee on quality.

Tip #3

Design you postcard to look like it came from a friend. This applies to the copy and the layout. Don’t let it look or sound overly formal. People associate postcards with friendliness so don’t blow it by making your postcard look or sound too businesslike.

Tip #4

Get right to the point with a well thought, unique offer or call to action. That’s what people expect with postcards. That’s what they’re for…..quick, valuable and interesting bits of information between friends.

Tip #5

Always have a very specific objective for the postcard. Don’t go for the sale too aggressively but rather have the objective of getting the reader to do ‘the next thing’, to ‘come closer’….i.e. register on a website, make a phone call, come by and pick up something free, enter a contest, etc. Use the postcard to begin and/or build a relationship.

These are just a few tips that’ll help you make the most of your time and money. Postcards are one of the most overlooked yet most effective weapons for businesses yet very few use them at all (let along…properly).

There’s lots of information available about conducting effective postcard marketing campaigns. Just Google “direct mail postcards” and you’ll find endless resources to help you master postcard marketing. Find some for yourself and begin to become the local postcard marketing expert in your niche. It’ll pay of handsomely.